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Food Contaminants

Detect substances that may prove harmful and cause consumer illness

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Expert Evidence

Obtain objective evidence that your food safety & quality systems are under control

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Food Adulterants

Detect ingredients that should not be present within other foods…

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Latest News

Christmas & New Year holidays
December 23, 2015
Our office will be closed for the public holidays: Thursday 24th until Tuesday 29th December and Friday 1st January 2016. Urgent enquiries should be sent through our web site or by contacting individual...
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New Allergen-Check kits for testing wine
March 30, 2015
Two new Allergen-Check ELISA kits, Ovalbumin-Check and Lysozyme-Check have been launched for detecting protein residues from finings in wine. In addition the validation of the Casein-Check kit has been extended...
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